Houses of the Gods


The product of over twenty years of research, Houses of the Gods presents an exciting new synthesis of the evidence for astronomy across the Neolithic monumental sequences of Ireland and Britain.


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This book argues that all societies, from the hunter-gatherers of the Upper Palaeolithic to our current technologically-driven cultures, require sufficiently accurate forms of time-keeping. Where these have not been available, it has resulted in significant challenges relating to the coordination and synchronization of social or collective behaviour.


Monuments like Newgrange and Stonehenge are ‘jewels in the crown’ among British and Irish prehistoric megalithic observatories. While debate continues about the intentions of the builders of these monuments, few now would question that a fundamental interest in astronomy is evident at these sites.


Work by archaeologists, surveyors and archaeo-astronomers has revealed datasets that  demonstrate a widely-shared interest in astronomy that was integral to the knowledge and practice of the Neolithic people who built and used them.